Paterson Man Charged with Burglary in Wyckoff NJ

Burglary Lawyers in Wyckoff New JerseyThe Wyckoff Police Department has arrested and charged a Paterson man with burglary, resisting arrest and hindering as a result of an incident that occurred Monday night around 11pm in the township. Apparently, a sixty-eight year-old women, exited a bus in Wyckoff and as she approached her vehicle, she quickly discovered that the vehicle was occupied. According to the reports released thus far, upon returning to her vehicle, the women discovered that a young man was reclined in the front seat of her car and he was wearing her slippers. It is unclear of what happened next but the bus driver and several others came to the aid of the elderly women and grabbed the Defendant before he was able to flee the scene.

When the Wyckoff police arrived and questioned the Defendant, he initially told them that “god told him to be here”. He was later arrested and during that process, the Defendant allegedly resisted arrest and needed to be physically restrained. To make matters worse, the Defendant then attempted to give the officers a fictitious name and address., hence the hindering charge. As a result, he was arrested and taken to the Bergen County Jail. He currently remains in custody on a $3,500 bail. 

Burglary Lawyers in Hackensack NJ

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