Terroristic Threats Reported in Washington Township New Jersey

Law enforcement officials have as their primary concern the protection of individuals who live within the jurisdiction that they patrol. While they are concerned about maintaining safety for all residents under the jurisdiction, their primary concern is protecting those who cannot protect themselves. High among this list are she children.

In Washington Township, police officers were stationed to guard the school during the latter part of December in response to terroristic threats that were made against the school. According to Sgt. William Curl, the individual who made these terroristic threats was arrested, and was charged with making terroristic threats. The governing statute in New Jersey for terroristic threats is N.J.S.A. 2C:12-3. Pursuant to the statute, terrostic threats is a crime of the third degree (felony) and if convicted the defendant may be sentenced up to five years in a State Prison. Before the individual can be convicted of this offense, the state must prove that the defendant threatened to commit a crime of violence against another and that the threat was made with the purpose to terrorize the said victim.

While they strongly believed that the situation was under control, they still felt that it was necessary to take precautions, including stationing police officers inside and outside of the school, to ensure the safety of their students. According to the same police spokesman, this undescribed threat was connected to some form of social media. In addition, another school in Bergen County, located in nearby Oradell, also received a terroristic threat. This threat came just one day before the horrible mass shootings that took place in Newtown, Conn. As a result, police officers have been increased in and around all of the schools in the borough as a precautionary measure.