An Elderly Women from Upper Saddle River NJ Swindled out of $120,000

An Upper Saddle River New Jersey women was swindled out of $120,000 from a fortune-telling scam, which was being operated in Bergen County. The initial reports indicate that a women, a step father and two brothers created a fortune-telling scam and they allegedly promised an elderly women that if she donated $120,000 to a sick child, that she would get better and rid her family of demons.

Apparently, three of the four defendants have been arrested and charged for their involvement in the scheme, while the fourth remains a fugitive from justice. The victim claims that she visited the “mastermind” back in 2011 at an astrology center in Upper Saddle River New Jersey.¬†The main mastermind also owned a separate astrology center in Rochelle Park, New Jersey.

All three of the defendants that were arrested and charged in this matter have posted the $50,000 bail and been released from the Bergen County Jail. The mastermind still remains at large and is considered a fugitive from justice and her bail has been set at $125,000. The Upper Saddle River Police department is urging any residence who feel like they may be a victim of this scam as well to immediately contact the Upper Saddle River Police Department.

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