Attempted Sexual Assault Charges issued in Hackensack New Jersey

In Hackensack, New Jersey a man is charged with trying to arrange a sexual encounter with a six-year-old child via the Internet. According to authorities, a 59-year-old new Hartford, New York man struck up a conversation with what he thought was the parents of a six-year-old girl on the Internet. In actuality he was speaking with a police detective.

According to the Bergen County prosecutor John L. Molinelli, the accused who has been identified as a 59 year old male engaged in sexually explicit chats with what he thought were the six-year-old girls’ parents. During these chats, he described in detail the sexual activities that he wanted to engage in with the young child. The defendant also went as far as encouraging ‘the girls’ parents” to show their daughter child photography. He also sent via the Internet images with children engaging in pornographic activities to what he thought were the girls’ parents.

According to reports, the Defendant owns and operates a fencing company in New York City. In addition, reports also dictate that the Defendant is a married man. He is being charged with attempted aggravated assault, attempting to endanger the welfare of a minor, and attempting to transmit obscenity to a minor. As a result, the Defendant is currently in the Bergen County Jail and bond has been set at half a million dollars with no 10% option available for him. These are very serious charges in New Jersey; one’s that could land the Defendant in a State Prison for over twenty years. 

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