Handguns and Cash Discovered in Bergen County New Jersey Hotel

On Wednesday evening around 8 PM, Detective Cory Horton of the Fort Lee New Jersey Police Department, was engaged in routine traffic patrol by Route 4 in Fort Lee. It was at this point that the officer claimed he noticed four men in a parking lot of the Holiday Inn hotel acting suspiciously around four parked vehicles. Upon investigating the scene, Detective Horton came to learn that these four men, had in their possession multiple stolen vehicles, a loaded weapon, and a large quantity of cash.

Using a police K-9, officers were able to search the vehicles found on the scene. As a result of their search they found a loaded 9 mm handgun in one of the compartments of one of the stolen cars. They also recovered more than $30,000 in cash in another vehicle. As a result, an Alabama, Georgia and two New York residents were charged with receipt of stolen property, and the unlawful possession of a weapon (handgun). In addition, due to the large amount of cash found at the scene, the defendants were also charged with money laundering. 

The unlawful possession of a weapon (handgun) is a second degree indictable offense (felony) in New Jersey and if convicted the defendant will most likely be subject to the Graves Act. The Graves Act was instituted by New Jersey Legislature in an attempt to curb gang violence. It in essence requires a defendant who is convicted of possessing a gun to serve a mandatory prison sentences. A graves act waiver is possible for certain defendants and if successful the defendant could avoid all incarceration. The theft of stolen property will most likely be a second degree felony as well, provided that the total value of all four cars was more than $75,000. These are very serious charges, ones that not only have the potential for lengthy prison sentences but also require mandatory prison sentences as well.

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