Two New York men were charged with armed robbery here in Bergen County. The first robbery occurred back on October 9th in Clifton when the two allegedly held a man at gun point. They allegedly committed two more robberies again on October 29th. One was in Elmwood Park, the other in Ridgefield. However, both occurred on Route 46, and both were gas stations. Instead of a gun, this time they allegedly used a knife to rob both places. Finally, on October 30th they robbed another gas station in Fort Lee. One of the defendants threw hot coffee on an employee during the commission of the robbery. The two suspects were caught. Law enforcement traced the car (a Nissan) that was allegedly used as the get away car for the robberies to the residence of one of the suspect’s residence.

Robbery Charge

If you or a loved one is charged with robbery in Bergen County, then the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office  State must be able to prove four (4) key elements beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecutor must prove the following elements for a second degree robbery charge are as follows:

  1. That the defendant either committed or attempted to commit a theft; and
  2. That the defendant either inflicted bodily injury, used force, threatened the victim of immediate bodily injury, or that the defendant committed or threatened to commit any crime of the first or second degree; and
  3. That the aforementioned conduct occurred at the time of the theft or immediate flight from the theft; and
  4. That the defendant acted purposely.

A first degree robbery charge, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office must also prove that

  1. During the theft or attempted theft the defendant attempted to kill; or
  2. That the defendant purposely inflicted or attempted to inflict serious bodily injury; or
  3. That the defendant was either armed or threatened the immediate use of a deadly weapon.

A first degree robbery charge carries a maximum of twenty (20) years in  New Jersey state prison. a second degree robbery charge carries a maximum of ten (10) years in New Jersey state prison.

Are you facing a Robbery Charge?

At the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, we can help you combat a robbery charge since we have ten (10) criminal defense attorneys, and our credentials include the following:

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  • Three (3) of which were former assistant county prosecutors
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    • Another was the head of the Trial Team, and
    • The last one was the director of the Gun, Gang and Drug Task Force
  • Three (3) were former municipal court prosecutors
  • One Certified Criminal Trial Attorney
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