Northern New Jersey residents have had to deal with multiple firebombing attacks on synagogues. On Friday, charges were leveled against two men in connection with these attacks. These two men are Anthony M. Graziano and Aakash Dalal. Graziano is from New Brunswick, and Dalal is from Lodi in Bergen County.

Both of these men face multiple charges including attempted murder in connection with a firebombing that took place in January 11, 2012 of the Rabbi’s home. According to police firebombs were thrown at the synagogue in Beth EL in Rutherford. Graziano allegedly used Molotov cocktails to ignite the building. As a result, the second floor of the building where the rabbi’s residence is, became engulfed in flames. The Rabbi, his wife and his children were all sleeping in the residence at this time. Thankfully they were able to escape without any serious injury.

Both of these suspects, also face charges such as bias intimidation, conspiracy to commit arson, and aggravated arson. Both of these men, who were 19 years old when they committed these crimes will be facing life in prison if they are convicted of all of the charges. Graziano is being held on $2.5 million bail, and Dalal on $5.5 million bail. Dalal and Graziano have been friends their whole life.