63-year-old man admitted to authorities that he played a role in an identity theft scheme. According to an announcement made by US attorney Paul J. Fishman, Seo, a resident of Palisades Interstate Park, pleaded guilty in court on Wednesday, January 30, 2012, to his involvement in this identity theft scheme.The defendant admitted that he acquired and sold identification documents. These documents were then used to obtain Social Security cards and fake driver’s licenses for family members. According to reports, the defendant also admitted to working along with another Bergen County resident. According to the reports, the 63 year old Palisades Interstate Park resident was not the ringleader behind this criminal organization.

The defendant also pleaded guilty to using fraudulent information to attain a $100,000 commercial loan. It is alleged that he was also involved in tax evasion too. He also admitted to using worthless checks that were attained fraudulently to try to pay down personal credit card debt.

The defendant could find himself facing more than 50 years in a Federal Prison for these crimes. The charges that he pled guilty to include conspiracy to produce identification documents and false identification documents, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. The defendant is set to be sentenced for these crimes on May 14, 2013.

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