A 50-year-old, Bergen County New Jersey resident is being accused of offering a student $50 in exchange for sex. This is not the first time that the Defendant has been charged with similar conduct. He was also charged with criminal sexual conduct back in 2004. However, with that being said, the court documents show that he was later acquitted. As in this most recent instance, the accuser in 2004 was a male student who attended the school where the Defendant was working. According to reports by the media, during the case in 2004 the individual who accused the Defendant of sexual misconduct made multiple contradictory remarks in his testimony. After hearing this, the jury needed less than one hour to clear the Defendant of those charges.

The Defendant, who has been working with the city schools for more than 21 years, entered a plea of not guilty to the charges that were leveled against him. According to authorities, he used Facebook to contact a student at the JFK educational complex and offered him money for sex. The Defendant is alleged to have made arrangements to meet the student at a local restaurant. However, when he arrived at the restaurant, police were there waiting for him.

According to a statement made by the Patterson Public Schools, the one time teacher, is currently suspended with pay. Also, arrangements have been made for any students attending the school to receive counseling. The Defendant is currently being held in the Passaic County Jail, with bail set at $500,000.

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