Cocaine found in Palisades Interstate Park NJ

An upstate New York resident, who was stopped by Palisades Interstate Parkway police back in November for allegedly rolling through a stop sign, was apprehended after a subsequent search of his vehicle revealed more than five ounces of cocaine. Apparently, the police attempted to obtain¬†consent from the defendant to search his vehicle, however, the defendant denied consent and as a result the defendant’s car was impounded pending the officers application for a search warrant. What the probable cause for seeking/issuing the warrant has not been released yet but the warrant was granted and the search revealed over five ounces of cocaine. Since the drugs were not found until the vehicle was searched, the defendant was released from the scene once his car was impounded.

Once the arresting officers obtained the search warrant for the vehicle and discovered the cocaine, they then obtained an arrest warrant for the defendant and the passenger. According to the reports, the defendant was finally apprehended in upstate New York this weekend and was extradited back to New Jersey. He is currently being held in the Bergen County Jail on a $262,000 cash only bail. The passenger in the vehicle has also been charged with the possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, however, she is yet to be apprehended. 

The defendants are both being charged with possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute, in the first degree. It is a crime of the first degree since the cocaine seized was at least five ounces. A crime of the first degree is punishable by up to twenty years in a New Jersey State Prison and up to a $250,000 fine. If you or someone you know has been charged with a criminal offense like cocaine distribution, marijuana possession, heroin possession or distributing prescription drugs, the Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver can help. If you would like a free initial consultation with any one of our eight criminal defense attorneys on staff, please contact any one of our Bergen County Offices at 1-800-682-4037.