Law-enforcement officials take seriously their responsibility to protect the public as a whole. However, extra emphasis is given on protecting the most innocent of our community. Included in these are our senior citizens and our children. When an especially heinous crimes committed that involves children, law-enforcement officials are quick to act. This can be seen from the following case.

A Bergen County resident was arrested on the January 4, 2013, after allegedly been found possessing child photography. According to an investigation by the Bergen County prosecutor office, this 30-year-old resident, of the 400 block of 37th St. was found with hundreds of videos containing child pornography.

The defendant is being charged with endangering the welfare of a child because of his alleged possession of child photography. The charges also allege that the defendant was also transmitting child photography. The videos, that the defendant is alleged to possess, depicted children who had not yet reached puberty engaging in various sexual actions.

This married, software engineer works in New York City. Bail for the defendant has been set at $75,000. He has currently being held in the Bergen County Jail. If convicted of all of the charges that he is faced with, the Defendant could be looking at upwards of 10 years in a New Jersey State Prison. In addition, since the defendant has been alleged to have transmitted the child pornography, the United States Attorneys may file federal charges against the defendant as well.

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