The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office has announced that they have seized thirty pounds of marijuana this week. It appears that an anonymous tip about a suspicious vehicle is lead what lead officers to the seizure. The tip came from an individual in Ridgefield, New Jersey and was about a vehicle which was parked on the side of the road but had no front or back license plate.  A further investigation by Homeland Security, the Bergen County Sheriffs Department and their K9 unit revealed that a positive hit for drugs.  As a result the Chevy Silverado which came back registered to Oklahoma was impounded to Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office. A subsequent search was conducted on the vehicle and a trap was located. Once the trap was unlocked detectives uncovered thirty pounds of marijuana. 

It is unclear from the reports whether or not the prosecutor’s office has made any arrests. However, if any one is arrested they will be charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute in the first degree. First degree marijuana distribution charges are punishable by up to twenty years in a New Jersey State Prison and a fine up to $200,000.  For more information on marijuana distribution charges in Bergen County please click here

Marijuana Distribution Lawyers in Ridgefield NJ

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