3 Paterson NJ Residents Arrested in Hackensack on Heroin Charges

The Hackensack Police Department has made yet another major heroin bust. The initial reports indicate that three Paterson individuals have been arrested and charged with possession of both marijuana and heroin and also possession of heroin with the intent to distribute. The Hackensack police department has stated that over 650 bags of heroin were uncovered during this bust. The officers were responding to an unanimous call indicating that several individuals were parked inside a minivan smoking marijuana.  Apparently one of the vehicles occupants was in the process of rolling a joint when the officers initial approached the vehicle. It is unclear under what basis the car was searched but a subsequent search of the vehicle revealed 680 packets of suspected heroin.

All three suspects are currently being held in the Bergen County Jail on a $360,000 cash only bond. Provided that the heroin uncovered was under 5 ounces but more than 1/2 ounce, the defendants will be charged with possession of heroin with the intent to distribute, a crime of the second degree. If convicted on these charges alone, the defendants could each face up to 10 years in a New Jersey State Prison. If the heroin turns out to be over 5 ounces then the defendants will be charged with possession with intent, a crime of the first degree. A first degree conviction carries with it up to twenty (20) years in a New Jersey State Prison. 

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