Resisting Arrest & Possession of CDS in a School Zone charges result in 7 Year Prison Sentence in Bergen County NJ

A twenty-six (26) year old North Bergen man, is going to serve a total of seven years in a New Jersey State prison. This comes as part of a plea bargain that he has made with local authorities. Originally, the Defendant was charged with multiple serious crimes. These included aggravated assault, child abuse, and possession of a controlled dangerous substance (i.e. drugs). However, the plea deal that the Defendant’s attorney made with the prosecutors office, he is only going to be sentenced for resisting arrest, having drugs within 1000 feet of a school, and contempt of court. These are lesser charges than what he was originally charged with. After serving 3 ½ years of his seven-year sentence, the Defendant will be eligible for parole.

With that being said, the Defendant is also in custody in Bergen County Jail for unrelated crimes. However, information has not been made available regarding what these specific crimes are. Assistant prosecutor, Jordan Goldsmith requested that the Superior Court judge Fred Theemling abide by the plea agreement that was made and only sentence the Defendant to seven years in prison.

The Defendant has already served just about two years or 614 days for other crimes that he committed in Hudson County. Both the city prosecutor and the judge agreed that the time that the Defendant would serve for his crimes in Bergen County, would run concurrent to the time that he is serving for crimes he committed in Hudson County.

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